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Demonstration Portal

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[Click 'WebSuite Log In' to access WebSuite directly]

[ Evaluations ]

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The Evaluation page provides interested parties with a link to a set of Webforms based on their specifications (plus links to API and other demos).

If you wish to arrange for a customized set of WebForms, we invite you to provide a sampling of your own documents, along with descriptive information to use to index each document's database rocord. This will allow for the Falcon/WebSuite to be evaluated using information with which your users are familiar.

Organizations choosing to evaluate WebSuite privately may use the 'WebSuite Log In' link, above.

To arrange for an evaluation using your own data or for additional information, please send an email to Randy McKenney, or call 412.787.0980 Ext. 814.

If you have forgotten your account or password, please email our support staff.

[ API ]

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The API examples include a 'base-map' demo with a graphical 'front-end,' as well as several map demos that show integration of the Falcon and Google Maps APIs.

Additional links show the operation of various API commands, as well as Falcon's integration with Bluebeam.

[ Presentation Layer ]

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The 'presentation layer' is the customizable component that delivers and formats information generated by the 'application layer.'

This section includes a visual illustration of the customizable aspects of the WebSuite interface (that is also an actual working installation), as well as a second example of a working installation.

[ Prototyping ]

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'Prototyping' is the SVP development and testing platform and requires an authorized account.

For access, enter a tsa account as "domain\username" and a password.

[ 'Blind' Log In ]

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The Virtual Interactive Plans Room (VIPR) is an example of a WebSuite implementation typical of a 'public documents' area of a Web site. Though it uses the same WebSuite instance that controls all the other 'portals' in this demonstration area, VIPR does not require a logon account, instead it uses a 'blind' log in.