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If you are not a Revu® user and need a free PDF viewer, download Vu now for free *.

Bluebeam Vu does more than just read PDFs. With integration into document management systems and innovative File Access™ technology for organizing PDF files, Vu allows you to access and navigate PDF files with ease. View your PDF files as they were meant to be viewed - markups, comments, annotations display clearly and accurately so nothing is missed. Vu also allows you to fill out and save PDF forms, digitally sign your PDFs and connect to Revu's cloud-enabled solution, Bluebeam Studio™, to access files stored in Studio Projects and collaborate on the same PDFs in real-time Studio Sessions. How's that for a good view?

Better file access

Accessing documents just got easier. Bluebeam Vu streamlines your workflow by allowing you to easily retrieve documents directly from Vu's interface. Looking for more? Bluebeam's File Access tab displays a list of recently opened PDF files that can be reopened with a mouse click. Pin or save files in categories to keep documents organized for future access.

One list, many possibilities

Locate comments and markups added to your 2D and 3D PDF files with Vu's Markups list technology. Want to know who said what, when? Use the Markups list to see a markup's author, date, time and any other comments associated with it.

Maximize your viewing pleasure

The Vu interface is simple to navigate. Tab Access allows you to easily open any tab to view the Markups list, Studio and more. Close all your tabs with one click to increase your screen real estate. Each PDF gets its own tab so you can quickly toggle between documents. Use MultiView™ technology to split your screen up to 16 times and sync tabs to pan and zoom in unison. Navigate through complex 3D models, change render modes and isolate regions in a model to see the details you need to see.

Connect and collaborate

Join Studio Projects and Studio Sessions that were created in Bluebeam Revu with Vu’s integrated collaboration solution, Bluebeam Studio. All you need is the Project or Session ID number to view files stored in existing Studio Projects or jump into Studio Sessions that are already in progress for real-time PDF collaboration with a selection of markup tools.

Improve your set's life

Access an unlimited number of files and view them as a single document, in a single tab. Sort by page label or file name, and set filtering options for revisions and addenda so you can quickly see the most recent version of a document. Sets can even be saved and shared with project partners in a convenient, read-only format.

Search with more than your eyes

Vu's powerful search capabilities allow you to search for keywords or graphics within your PDF content. Type a word or phrase you wish to find into the search field and select the PDF file or folder you want to search, then let Vu do the hard work for you. Vu's exclusive VisualSearch™ feature even allows you to select any symbol on a PDF and search for all instances that it occurs, regardless of the matching symbol's rotation, color or line obstructions.

Any way, shape or form

Need to fill out a PDF form? No problem. Vu allows you to open, fill out and save PDF forms on the fly. Once the form is open in Vu, text capabilities will be enabled. Select the fields you need to fill out with your mouse, or easily tab between fields. Vu recognizes all text fields, buttons, check and list boxes. Once you've finished filling in all of the necessary information, you can save or print the form, and even digitally sign your PDF documents. It's that simple.